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If you reached this page, you may have doubts or questions about your life. Maybe you have already tried to think about your path and change its course, but you ended up in situations such as:

  • Feeling stuck in your life or your career?
  • Having the feeling that you don't have any choice?
  • Facing a life challenge: move, relationship, health issue, job, mid-life?
  • Sensing that you are not completely unhappy but not deeply happy either?
  • Having dreams but thinking they are not for you?
  • Being full of ideas but not knowing how to start?

    That is where coaching can help you. I learned from my background as a magistrate (prosecutor and judge) in France for 11 years that we own our choices and that we can change the course of our life if we decide to. What's the next step for you?
  • Did you know that you are naturally creative and resourceful? Did you know that life offers many choices and that you have more freedom than you think? As your coach, through a structured method and deep and kind listening, I will help you find your inner strengths. I will listen beyond your words to identify the fears that hold you back and understand the values that constitute your unique beautiful self. Coaching will help you see clearly in your life, understand what you want, who you want to be and how you want to move forward, and then take action. Coaching will restore your power and self-confidence, even though you may be dealing with challenges and emotional moments.


    No matter who you are, what you are going through or what your past is, you cannot be defined by one aspect of yourself.
    The next step is up to you.


    clarity and intention


    connection and respect


    Areas of Expertise

    In a middle of a crisis, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. In my experience as a guardianship judge, I spent many hours talking and listening to families, often in very difficult situations (mental illness, accident, disability,…). I witnessed many perspectives and ways of coping. If we cannot change the circumstances, we can choose how we respond to them. Fortunately, not all of us go through major life difficulties. Still, we all have the freedom and the power to choose our own way forward. As your coach, I will help you unravel the strings of your life, choose your future and make it happen.

    I’m currently living far away from my home country. I’ve been through many doubts, disappointments but also beautiful discoveries. What I learned is the importance of being deliberate. As your coach, I will help you find your own intention in life to live on purpose.

    Working with the complexity of laws, dealing with people with sometimes very difficult backgrounds, diving into people’s lives and their intimacy is a difficult task, compounded by long working hours, immense responsibility and, most of the time, little recognition. As a French magistrate (prosecutor and judge, civil and criminal law), I learned the power of respect, self respect and others’ respect. As your coach, I will help you identify your core values and have confidence in them to face the responsibilities inherent to your profession.

    In my previous work as a judge working only with sentenced people in jail, on probation or in alternative detention programs, the focus was exclusively on the future and the prevention of recidivism. In this experience, I saw the power of personal choices. The choice to be an actor of one’s life instead of a simple follower. The choice to respect oneself by acknowledging one’s values. The choice to make another choice. As your coach, I will be your accountability partner and celebrate with you every new learning and step forward, all that in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space.

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