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Cécile Gorner Blogpage Jump Joy

Joy vs Happiness

Everywhere nowadays we hear, see, read “be happy” or “be happier” as if it could be added on our to-do list, as if it was something to have or something we don’t have. But what

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Cécile Gorner Blogpage Emoji faces emotions

Managing your emotions

You’re feeling angry, sad, stressed out,…? Yes, it happens. Having emotions means that you are alive. It’s a good thing. Emotions are neither good nor bad. They don’t need to be pushed down or controlled.

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Cécile Gorner Blogpage active listening

Listening is a skill

Try to remember last time when you had a conversation with someone (co-worker, friend, partner…). Were you really listening to this person? Or were you in reality focusing on yourself? How to check that? Let’s

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