Lately, I have been reflecting on the concepts of CERTAINTY and UNCERTAINTY.

I’m offering some thoughts…

I realized that the opposite of uncertainty is not necessarily certainty but curiosity.

And the opposite of certainty might not be doubts but curiosity and openness.

Future has always been uncertain and unpredictable. With Covid19, it’s just a reminder that we can’t be sure about how life is going to be for us or our loved ones in 1 year, 5 years, or even 20 years.

Uncertainty is uncomfortable.

Uncertainty is scary.

Uncertainty is just the unknown.

So we resist by trying to get more knowledge, by wanting to have evidence/proof, by being in control,…

And our plans almost never happen how we designed them.

It creates tension, anxiety, stress, in our mind, and in our body.

My invitation is to stay with the unknown and the uncertainty and see and feel what comes up for you, without judgment, without resistance, without fear.

What would it bring you to be fully curious, to have an open mind toward what is unfolding?


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