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Listening is a skill

Try to remember last time when you had a conversation with someone (co-worker, friend, partner…). Were you really listening to this person? Or were you in reality focusing on yourself? How to check that?

Let’s say you had one of the following thoughts in your head while you were having your conversation: how to convince him/her my idea is the best one? Am I bothering him/her right now? What could be my next powerful question?…

In all these questions, it’s only about YOU, not about the person you’re supposed to be listening to!

In a very interesting ​article,​ Amy Jen Su et Muriel Maignan Wilkins describe what gets in the way of listening : our inner critic, our self-label, our fears, our attachment to what others think.

So, next time you’ll be listening to someone, just relax : it is not about you. What do you think about that?

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