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The key of forgiveness

Today, I attended an insightful webinar led by my friend and coach Maria Kolesnikoff about the beautiful topic of forgiveness. She described forgiveness as the key that opens the door from the past to the future.

I’m still with this image of the key and I want to share my thoughts.

From early childhood, we are told to say “sorry”, “excuse me” or “forgive myself” (=“pardon” as we say in French) for what we’ve done. I feel like there is this confusion that forgiveness should come from others, as if our peace of mind was depending on others’ decisions.

But forgiveness starts from oneself. Whether it’s toward others or ourselves, forgiveness is a conscious choice.

Forgiveness of others or self is a choice to accept and let go of all the emotions (anger, guilt, hurt, sadness, resentment…) and physical tensions we are feeling in our body. Those emotions are our resistances that prevent us from moving forward in peace.

Forgiveness stands in the here and now. It is the acceptance of what is in the present moment (emotions, physical tensions,…) without resistances. We all know the adage “What we resist, persists”. By accepting what is now, we make room for thankfulness, gratitude, compassion and love.

What is the key you would need to be fully present and move forward with lightness, freedom and joy?

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