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The perspective of abundance

Current events can easily darken our view of the human being. Here is an invitation to look at those events from the perspective of abundance rather than scarcity.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I had the immense chance to participate in a challenge “21 Days of Abundance” based on Deepak Chopra’s meditations. This rich experience invited me to look at my life, my relationships with others and the world through the filter of abundance.

Let’s be clear, the events of last week are more than tragic. I say NO to violence, murder, hatred, racism. But I also want to see the impulses of intercultural solidarity. I also see communities coming together, peacefully, to create a world where compassion and respect are in abundance.

This abundance begins with us. We all have unlimited resources. Let us make abundance spring forth from around us. What action are you willing to take today? Don’t be shy, it might inspire others 😉

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