To be vulnerable is to be human

Being vulnerable seems scary. No, I can’t ask for that. No, I can’t dress like that. No, I can’t say, share or do that… What will the others think about me? They’re going to judge me. They’re going to make fun of me. They’re going to criticize me. Then I will feel hurt. I will feel rejected. I will feel disconnected and alone. Therefore I decide to hide, to play small, to stifle my own cravings.

Pause… Let’s look at the process.

Because of what we think others could think about us, we make certain choices. Because of fears and limiting beliefs, we let others take the power on us and thus we give up our own lives. Something doesn’t feel right.

For many years I have been struggling with being myself. I wanted desperately to belong and I was afraid of being judged. That was exhausting and I didn’t get what I wanted. I didn’t feel at peace. I was not aligned with who I was. I was stepping on my own values. It is when I decided to say “enough” and when I chose I didn’t want to live anymore in a place of fear, that I started to understand what fully live one’s life meant. I was realizing that all these years I was missing something big in my life.

Some years ago, I discovered the researcher Brené Brown and her wonderful work. I started with her Ted Talks and read (or listened to) some of her books (The power of vulnerability; The gifts of imperfection; I’m reading right now Dare to lead, among many other books;…). It deeply resonated with me.

Showing our imperfections, being vulnerable, that’s is not easy, sure. It takes courage to take a stand for oneself. But it’s infinitely worth it. It’s a path toward freedom, joy, true connection, and true love. Today, it’s what I want.

When now I’m having a hard time, I ask myself “Who is right now in the driver’s seat of my life?”, then I listen to my body’s sensations, my intuition, my heart, and then I make the decision that feels right to me. I know I can be criticized, but it doesn’t prevent me from being me and doing what truly matters to me: connection, coaching, sense of justice, joy, love…

Here is my invitation: If you know what kind of struggle I’m talking about (or even if you don’t), don’t wait to be yourself. Trust yourself, listen to your intuition, follow your heart,… Your family, your friends, the world – and especially in these difficult times when we are forced to stay-at-home – need YOU ALL just as you are, beautiful and human. It’s how we (imperfect but true and honest human beings) altogether can build a world filled with gratitude, sharing, caring, honesty, love, joy.

How does this resonate with you? Please share your thoughts. Since I cannot see you in person, I would love to hear from you. I’m sending you virtual hugs and real smiles.


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