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Coaching sessions, what to expect ?

We start with an initial complimentary session, where you can experience coaching and see if it is a good fit for you. If you decide to go further and work with me, we co-create a coaching relationship by giving each other permission to be fully present and honest. In the first sessions, I explore with you your values, your strengths, your true self, and what you want to achieve. And then you take action.

With me, you work on yourself in a safe, non-judgemental, positive, authentic and confidential environment. I will ask you direct questions and I won’t avoid any places. Be assured that I won’t hurt you either. I’m direct but caring. I don’t like taboos. Most of the time they don’t serve us and keep us small. I want you to be and feel bigger. Coaching may be sometimes challenging and emotional. Getting out of our comfort zone can be hard at first because of our old resistances, habits and patterns. However, coaching is not a therapy, I won’t dig into your past. Coaching is also not consulting or mentoring, I won’t give you any advice, but I will give you the tools to find your path yourself.

Finally, lasting changes don’t happen in one day. That’s why I recommend a commitment for at least 3 months. A 6 month-engagement is the most common length. Regularly we will review our partnership. Sessions last 1 hour except for the discovery session (after the initial complimentary session) which lasts 90 minutes to 2 hours. They can be in person, on the phone or video conference.

Because coaching is all about action, at the end of each session, I will give you challenges and homework that you are free to accept or not. If you accept them, I will hold you responsible and accountable. I will be fully committed to you and hold the space for your own growth.

Are you ready to fully live with intention ?

Do you want to overcome your fears?

Are you curious about your power of choice?

What you get with coaching:

  • you develop your self confidence and enhance your self esteem,
  • you get rid of the stories you’re telling yourself and that don’t serve you,
  • you replace your old and limited beliefs by positive and energizing ones by changing your perspective,
  • you identify your fears, saboteurs, everything that gets in the way of your personal or professional growth,
  • you discover and promote your values and strengths,
  • you learn to say NO and set boundaries,
  • you dig into what really matters to you in your life or at work,
  • you learn to face all kinds of obstacles to action (procrastination…),
  • you reduce the tension generated by the situation you find yourself in,
  • you experience how to live/work on purpose,
  • you find a better balance in your life or at work,
  • you see your life from a new perspective,
  • you take action to ensure your changes are long-lasting.

Coaching is a wonderful opportunity to focus on yourself, to choose now the life you want and to grow.

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Get in touch now.


What if knowing yourself better and deeper could be a step toward the freedom to be yourself ? What if you could open doors instead of staying behind walls?

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