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You don’t find your purpose, you build it.

In our modern, super-connected world (and even while Covid19 is forcing us to stay home and slow down…), it’s easy to hear about people doing extraordinary things, driven by inspiring purpose. It sometimes creates frustration for us with a sense of uselessness.

Some of my clients judge themselves for not doing something meaningful at work or in their life. They feel defeated for not being able to find their big life purpose. You as well might every now and then feel this way. That’s normal.

But with this perspective we forget that each and every one of us get to design our own life. We have the power to create the meaning(s) we want in our life. We have multiple sources of purpose in our lives. Our purpose(s) evolve over time.

So take the pressure off (especially during these challenging times) and stay safe! Learn more ​here​ in this article from John Coleman.

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